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Astronomer Priest - study 597

Astronomer Priest - study 597

Medium:Pen and ink on paper


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Astronomer Priest - study 597


This drawing arrived compulsively from a deep absorption in the culture of ancient Sumer. The figure is androgynous, a sense of gender is absent. The power is in the priest's connection with the cosmos, not with the personality of the individual. The head is shaved, the face amorphous.

Cosmic energy is stored within the body making an eternal space, the shakra is at the galactic center. What the figure evokes becomes more important than factual anatomy, the process is about searching, exploring, experimenting.

I find it important to recognise the value of shapes that are difficult on the eye and not to conform to a predetermined view of 'beauty and aestheticism' that this openness to images from the subconscious helps the journey of drawing to develop.

Though you may make an ugly drawing beautifully, others may react differently by interpreting elements that you consider to be unpalatable as being pleasing.

In this way, particularly if you are a serious artist, to draw when you 'don't feel like it', allows you to work through different receptive levels that give birth to a variety of drawing fabrics that would otherwise not have occurred.

Making art for galleries can generate repetition and style rather than content.  Making art as art, independent within itself fills galleries with genuinely progressive images, delightfully dangerous to the discerning eye.



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