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Zacron drawing at Palais Sebban Marrakech

Zacron drawing at Palais Sebban Marrakech

Drawing at Palais Sebban in Marrakech

The Palais Sebban was constructed around the magnificent residence of Caíd Sebban.

Located close to the Ban Lahksour gate into the Medina. This 19th century palace has been

intensively renovated to incorporate several original riads while maintaining the

authenticity of its three patios. The roofs are made of painted wood, festooned with

frescoes that are intricately carved from plaster. The Palais is adorned with stained glass

and mosaic tiles ("zellij"). Different pieces, of great historic value, have been fitted into

spacious rooms and suites that are furnished with oriental antiques.

My studio was within a pillared shrine that overlooks a central mosaic pool, a real oasis

away from the dust of the old city and the heat of the day.

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