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Nin-khursag and tiger

Nin-khursag and tiger

Medium:Pen and ink on paper


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History and research behind the drawing

When making this image I tried to break away from a more traditional approach to the figure by exploring internal shapes that make their own world.
The structure that evolved became an internal composition that while giving shape to the figure by interacting with the profile, made shapes that were also in opposition, sometimes appearing like surface marks or decoration.

Nin-khursag was a reptilian Annunaki who came to visit our planet before the great flood and who was involved in the cloning of the human species from the homonid by delivering the offspring of women who survived the flood from her own womb. The place were this occurred was called the creation chamber, its location may be in Eden, todays Southern Iraq, Atlantis or even 'inner earth, my research continues.

Adam and Eve were the first to be born in this way and had reptilian characteristics. Nin-khrsag the Dragon Queen, the great mother godless, was all powerful perhaps fearful. A temple was built to honor her in early Babylon and artifacts and decorations from this actual temple, may be found in the British Museum.

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