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Part 1 - Creativity - A personal guide

Part 1 - Creativity - A personal guide

PART 1 Creativity - A personal guide.


We were educated in a streamed system, in a class ridden time and suffered gender inequality. The Art room was a place of escape, a place where you could simply be more in the manner of Steiner.

However this oasis of freedom came with an art teacher and you were subject to their innate sense of freedom, you depended on their having no prejudices no preconceptions regarding what you 'should' produce. Later you entered a system of exams which held required levels, themes, restrictions of time to be the arbiters of creativity.

Now you hopefully are free of all that but have to exercise strength in order to release yourself into a world that you can freely explore. This in itself takes courage and self discipline, the 'art' of letting go comes into play.

You may feel confident in so many areas, but when you come face to face with a sheet of paper, all those 'expected' values come floating back. You are at a vital point. Creativity in any form is a vital tool that will help you on the journey of further self discovery.
The best kind of teacher will help you to help yourself not try to make you into a cloned version of themself!

Just for a moment forget all  baggage - come into our virtual studio and relax, simple loose garments will help here.  Breath in deeply and exhale slowly then close your eyes.

When you open them you will see a large sheet of white paper and all sots of mark-makers lying around. Don't even think too much about which one to pick up, just pick one at random.

Now I want you to just simply make marks, all kind of marks, repeat the marks if you like. Remember there is no such thing as doodling, it is all drawing and every mark you make contains a part of you.

This collection of forms (above) was made in a diary using a ball point pen. It is by drawing incessantly that you will become less inhibited, you will also be surprised at the great variety of shapes, lines, forms, that begin to spill out onto your paper. Draw everywhere and on everything and don't worry about the opinions of others.

'People condemn that which they inwardly desire'

I would like as many of you as possible to try this up to this point and soon I will take you to stage two!

Feel free to comment on this discussion, add ideas of your own. The aim of this tutorial is to promote creative freedom, to help you to get started and to help your creativity whether you are an artist or not, after all, art is human ecology is it not?



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