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The Waiting Queen

The Waiting Queen

Medium:Pen, graphite and water colour


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The Waiting Queen


The drawing was inspired by the enormous sculptural heads of the ancient world.

The 'all seeing eye' is deceptively benign and there is a hint of humanity in the smile.

Always manipulating abstract dynamics, it became a creatively dangerous process

to break the head down into spacial layers.  Some shapes suggest costume while

others begin to depict landscape.  The accompanying queen worn as an adornment

of the ear seems to depict the queen as an appendage yet this may well be a deception

as her furtive glance suggests.


The use of colour introduces a contemporary quality however I continue to be suprised

by the bright colours used by the Egyptians, particularly on the painted wood coffins.

So many of the ancient sculptures were painted and would have looked so very

different from the sombre forms seen today.


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