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It is worth asking why we have been as we are for so long, locked into reincarnations within the wheel of life and the perpetuation of suffering. As we enter the Photon Belt in line with the sun and the galactic center, are we a part of a cosmic intelligence that weaves through all the universe, part of the body of God. 'Take, eat, this is my body' - this takes on a new meaning perhaps as a huge metaphor for the universe, and our invitation (from its maker) to partake of all its infinite richness as we progress to a higher level of perception beyond Earthly needs. It may follow that other species in the universe are also progressing. It seems logical to suppose that the entire universe is expanding as one great consciousness. We as a race have a tendency to regard our journey as being an isolated one, that we are isolated as individuals destined to wander space, unrelated to other beings. Certainly, fear is a primary tool of control.

If we embrace the belief that we are part of a whole world consciousness through all of time, then we are not isolated, and we as a humanity, interact continuously, we naturally share each others suffering and pain. In this scenario we abuse the natural order of things if we turn our back on others, living a self orientated life of self-seeking greed and indulgence. As wealth has to be distributed wisely to help the poor in the most effective way possible, so spiritual enlightenment has to be handled with sensitivity. To neglect the spiritual wellbeing of others is not an option. Ask the question, 'What aspect of human life would you save.' The question is erroneous as all human life is of unfathomable value, in all the diverse stages of its journey. Would we wash the feet of our enemies?
Better, we remove altogether the notion of 'enemy'. The struggle is to find ways to peacefully change the ways of war, domination and indoctrination.

In rising to a higher level of consciousness we shed all thoughts of ownership and physical attachment to possessions, we say 'I am because I am'. We feel all of life both inner and outer through the gift of our senses, we drink in the plight of humanity and work continuously to help those that are living a life of suffering, we must never turn our back, and in raising their spirits, our spirits will find dimension beyond all expectation, not as a reward but as a unification with the destined ways of a growing universe.

If we were brought hear initially by the Annunaki to mine gold to make SHEM AN NA which capped the chromosomes to prolong their lives, and if even their 'Great Anu' bowed to an even greater God of all the universe, then we are experiencing another cyclical phase in the 'farming of planets' intrinsically connected with astronomical movement.
Our little solar system due for yet another 3,600 year interaction with Neberu, is but a minute ripple in the fabric of time!

Our bodies as a vehicle experience what we understand to be suffering, our infinite awareness continues on and lives forever, free of bodily restraints.

A shaman, in reaching out does not perform an act of conscience, but an act of oneness! We work with the body to reach the spirit.

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