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In Wind and Sunlight

In Wind and Sunlight

Dust sifts through shadowed grass
Darkness whispers ancient words
Carried as wind, old hopes, old joys

Through a window now torn down
A sun warmed carpet
For a forcing briar
A wedding kiss wasteland
Calling voices on the stairs

Mondays flags sway victorious
Sweet linen for faces
Whose ships sail to the sun

Memories weave a cloth
where hands wave in ceremony
In the dark nesting door
A supplication of love, then departure

The old town in Darkening light
Binds in marriage with its gentle walls
Water sheds shimmer in the falling sky
As distant dogs bring the evening in

Incessant steam from a beating heart
Makes a plume of white to linger in the trees
Wheels turn on the winding bank
Heads press glass through cleared breath
To see the children run

Our old guardians stand amongst the trees
Their gift of words heard faintly
They have returned to be
Forever children
In wind and sunlight

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