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Before Our Time

Before Our Time

Medium:Pen and ink on paper


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My drawing is the vehicle of spirit, my knowledge ever rapidly growing, feeds into the process. The vehicle is helped by experience of drawing which is daily for a lifetime.


Firstly to accept the language form and format then to put all your radical notions into 'how' you do it, for to continually reinvent the pencil is 'Post Modernist' folly, the emperors new clothes.  For me one of the most powerful word I know, is 'acceptance' learned from a lifelong battle with 'self'.


Beings move through me and they are me, so yes the universe is my inspiration.

I let my art come from my inner mind and yes my soul, including the part I have damaged and try to repair.  Drawing 'constantly' is like riding a horse when both your bodies are united with the wind.


I am driven onward, never half-heartedly, always with a passion.

To draw is to stand on the edge of the abyss while peering into eternity.


Where do you put your marks?  I let new things happen that I may feel ill-at-ease with, you have to dare to tread precariously like an actor portraying characters that are admirable, desirable, threatening, wicked, devilish.


The work may evoke an atmosphere that is sensitive, comforting, threatening, dangerous, I feel the changes as they occur and let them through as a natural part of the process to becoming that endlessly unfathomable thing called 'art'.

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