A New Archival Edition - Cover Art by Zacron for VDC Cables 2009

A New Archival Edition - Cover Art by Zacron for VDC Cables 2009

Medium:Archival Edition Print

Size (h x w):52.58cm x 88cm



Cat. Number:879

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VDC in association with Zacron


Following Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert and the Led Zeppelin exhibition ‘Memories in Music’ curated by Anne Hollinshead at Knebworth.

Niall Holden, Proprietor of VDC Cables invited Led Zeppelin’s artist Zacron to design his Product Directory 2009 in a way that continued the ethos, image and innovations of the original Rock Album Cover in 1970.   The artist's creation exceeded all expectations and has made VDC Product Directory 2009 an exciting design icon in the industry.

Something that is highly collectible, particularly as it represents the finest and yet most affordable cable products in the world of media.


''We decided to invite Zacron to create our special Led Zeppelin style Catalogue as a limited edition of fine-art Archival framed prints

Printed and framed exclusively by Lantern Studios as a collectors edition.


This Archival print will be 88 cm wide X 52.58cm high.  Each print will be numbered as part of a limited edition of 50 and emboss-sealed by Lantern Studios as a mark of high quality and authenticity signed by the artist.

Printed with light fast pigment inks onto 305gsm German etching paper, Neutral PH and acid free, calibrated to exactly match the artist’s original.  The frame we have selected is a brushed bronze gallery frame (used also for the Led Zeppelin III cover print) and is internally backed with archival acid free materials.


Usually priced at £595.00 Zacron has offered a special price of £350.00 to VDC Costomers that have a copy of the Product Directory.

20% of the purchase price will go to the charity sponsored by Memories in Music at Knebworth in honour of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Zacron is the Patron of Memories in Music.

Jimmy Page the founder member of Led Zeppelin is the Patron of this charity.

VDC hope that their valued costomers will take full advantage of this exciting offer to adorn their favourite wall and support the Memories in Music Charity.

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