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Creativity - Extra dimensions behind human consciousness

What our eyes 'see' is interpreted by our mind, and as there is no light in the brain this is a fascinating research.  The question of our interpretation falls into different but related realms.

1. Influences prior to birth, hereditary, genetic, the sub world (oneness of time).

2. Childhood experience - sound - sight - touch - memory - interpretation - imitation - influence - incentive - deterrent.

3. Adult life (childhood continued) survival - reinforcement -
therapeutic repetition - acceptance - identification - ego - expression - stimulation - evaluation - reward - personalization - innovation - innate and sublimated subconscious being.

Some research leads me to think that once we were telepathic, that speech evolved later. Speech is a physical projection, an act of will, conscious thought though also an act of will is fed by memory subject to the influences mentioned in 1,2, and 3.

Our thoughts connect with the subworld a part of the oneness of time and therefore they are not restricted by space. Whales can communicate through the vehicle of an entire ocean.  It is possible that we are living or influencing countless other lives both on Earth through time and on other spacial bodies, that the more spiritual you become, the more you are able to think 'out of body' and connect with other beings who are extensions of yourself!

The difficult one to swallow is that you may be an extension of other beings.  If past, present and future are all one, then what we do in the future will effect our past!  In addition, different dimensions may run at the same moment or sequence of moments.

If we colonialise space we are taking our primitive desire to have ownership beyond the Earth. If we overcome this primitive third level of consciousness there will be no need for war.  When we truly realise that we are all one universal consciousness we may then move on to the next level.  There is evidence of wars beyond the Earth which would indicate that other races are passing through the same process and that this very universality would indicate a greater source or universal energy influencing our whole being.

So our voices are more than listened to, they have an universal existence, they 'are' and were meant to be.  Mindfully fine tuning the process we call 'originality' is not ownership but participation!  Ego pales into insignificance when you concider life as participation, communing, meditating, searching, journeying, joining with the 'oneness' of humanity and its relationship with the Earth and its interaction with the greater universe.

Secret societies have held ancient knowledge about our cosmic connections from the farthest reaches of ancient history.  Beyond enlightened individuals, spiritual and occult groups, the sixties produce a mass hysteria for psychic connection partly as a relief from the war-reparation period of the fifties.  People needed to find a sense of jubilation and escape from the system, something that would reach beyond the boundaries of countries, and question anachronistic values.

Our universal consciousness may be the the one truth at the center of religious communal prayer throughout the world.  That real events in our ancient historic past have been seriously 'edited' and dogmatically inflicted on an unsophisticated populus by establishments and cabals who encourage a hysterical and subjugated faith based on control through fear and manipulated information.  This represents the biggest obstacle to world peace and unity and even today, great truths about our past are being hidden in a conspiracy of secrecy.

The natural world is part of our living containment, most of it is cerebral as we touch very little of it.  Even touch is an exchange of atoms on a sub-atomic level, a series of electrical discharges as Kirlian Verograph photographs demonstrate energies stream from our bodies.  This flow meets energies streaming towards us like the interexchange of matter between galaxies.

The very fabric that is the 'universal us' can be manifested in the physical form we call 'art' Paul Klee compared it to the slime left behind the snail (a perceptive but incomplete analysis). The choice of a snail rids the 'maker' of status, but also of stature, until we realise that all creatures have innate stature.  The choice of slime challenges elitism but it also indicates' art to be a 'natural and functional expulsion.  What Klee does not allude to, is the 'act of will' (fueled by discipline), the driving engine that is part of the human need to feel a part of their journey, to interact with life, to display that authorship in order to interact with others, a process so indiscriminately captioned by the word 'art'.

Finally, if we think of our inner and outer worlds as extraordinary, then nothing is mundane. Mundaneness is the product of a depressive sense of meaninglessness. It is our challenge to bring new meaning to our thoughts and actions.  It is perfectly understandable that sometimes we need help to do that, to find our way, our sense of destiny, our belief in our selves and our sense of being of value to others, to stand alone or as part of a community without fear.

Art can help us do that which is why I call it 'Human ecology'.


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