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Some Words for Young People - The World is Your Family

Some Words for Young People - The World is Your Family

Some Words for Young People - The World is Your Family

Search for your greatest self
Enjoy the friendship of others
But try not to hide behind others

Try to understand what you really believe in
When you are alone in your bed
Then keep that belief during the day
Don't be persuaded by others against yourself
Or be pressured by a loud and talkative member of the group

To never discover who you really are
To know who you are and to hide it through fear
This must not be, you have real friends here

To be alone but to believe in yourself is being strong and great
When you learn to enjoy your own company you will be more alive
To live with yourself before living with another strengthens friendship
To enjoy the company of another, to share problems
Is a great foundation for living together
In the end it is a far more enduring strength than sex alone

Without real friendship, respect and deep caring
Sexual excitement will eventually change and may become shallow and negative
Can you love your partner for the child they were
And the older person they will one day become?

Hard work strengthens your spirit, if you can be motivated it will strengthen your soul
If others treat you badly at work and make you unhappy, find someone who will listen
Never stop looking for work, try everything, never ever be ashamed of a job
You will eventually move to another more suitable, it is all experience

It is better to live alone or share with friends than to live with one who always makes you miserable
Be kind and understanding to your parents as bringing up a child is not easy
Try to give them some money to help with the bills and always help with the chores
Washing up is great for thinking, planing, meditating, dancing to music, and going mad

Never hit anybody or worse as inevitably you will get into serious trouble
To express your inner anger in this way will lead to misery, great unhappiness
Shouting and hitting is a sign of weakness, it shows how desperate you are
Never carry a weapon as you may use it in an unstable moment
Never hide behind a hood when you can shine, smile, bring happiness to others

If you feel you are a leader that is great, always try to imagine how those you lead feel
To be a leader and be respected requires you to study the problems, moods and successes of others
You are like a very well balanced and wise parent, you have to help people to feel good about themselves
The strongest are prepared to take a front seat, middle seat or back seat in any situation
To be gentle, full of peace in moments of heat and confrontation, shows the true wisdom of your heart

If you are a follower you are in no way a lesser person, you are merely expressing that you have a need and that something in you is drawn to elements in another. Study what these needs are, they will tell you about your true self.  Find way to develop similar qualities in yourself to become more independent.  Always be aware that some things you admire will not help your good aspects, even bring you harm

Always try to say something really nice to another each and every day
This will help you to feel good about yourself and you will shine
If you feel strong, try doing something to help another without looking for a reward
The more you do this the more wonderful your personality will become

What can you do to help make your community a better place after all, it is your home.
Form a group and pick up litter, all you need is some large plastic bags and a 'litter picker' it's fun and you will influence others.
Remember next time you are rude to an elderly person, they could be a member of your family, they represent you as time goes by, you will be the same age.

If you feel up-tight, find somewhere peaceful and chill out, meditate, try to think outside
yourself.  Simply lying beneath a tree and staring up into the leaves will change your feelings of tension.
Churches are very good for this believe it or not.
High ceilings, carved wood, sunlit glass, the rays of sunlight falling on tiles
Don't be late for tea, it's your turn to do the washing up!

Finally, if you can laugh at yourself, you can claim to have a sense of humor
If you talk openly about your mistakes, you will be criticised less by others.
Make a list of all the things you dislike and another of all that you love

Just to make these lists will surprise you and you may well be able to find sollutions for your own problems once you can see them written down.

List all the things you would like to achieve, then set yourself goals that are achievable.
Step by step you will progress to a better place and be able to fulfill yourself, the changes in you may feel strange at first, but when you look back over your journey you will realise how far you have come.

Yours always with love Zacron

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