Custom Led Zeppelin III Gibson acoustic guitar

Custom Led Zeppelin III Gibson acoustic guitar


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Custom built Led Zeppelin III guitar


Greg Snipe has a collection of 250 Gibson guitars.  Gibson made 25 replicas

of the double neck guitar that Jimmy Page used for 'Stairway to Heaven', they

were available for thirty one thousand dollars.  Three of them went to the Snipe

collection.  One sold recently for fifty six thousand dollars.


Greg always dreamed of owning an acoustic Gibson based on the artwork for

Led Zeppelin III.  Greg showed images of Zacron's artwork to Ren Furguson

a master guitar maker from Gibson's acoustic shop in Montana, Ferguson

built the guitar for him.  Page expressed an interest in the guitar and arranged

to see it during the premier of the groups DVD 'How the West was Won' in

New York.  He finally saw the guitar in his suite at the Plaza Hotel and admired

the keys 'imperials' made of pearl.  Page then took the guitar and strummed it

saying 'Nice tone', he signed Greg's book of Halfin photographs 'To Greg, Rock

on, Jimmy'.


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