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New Beginning

New Beginning

New Beginning

2009 is such an unexpected gift


What can we do to deserve one more day
A whole year?
Now to wrap out voices of love around the world
as we regain our oneness
Israel is entrenched in duality
such irony

We are challenged in our new year
to be all we can be
to inspire
to reunite with our all-time humanitarianism
Send messages of peace around the world

Talk with astronomers, spiritual leaders
visionaries, writers, creative people,
working people, young and elderly
We have to go so very thoughtfully now
Make sure the changes are what our world needs

No person should be kept in the poverty of ignorance

The soul of the Earth will soon enter a new cycle
As we pass through the photon belt
Light will be emitted from the galactic center
The cities of light are coming

Many are already in the 4th dimension
Some children are born while fully conscious
Our DNA system transformed to a higher octave
Realities we accept today will change

Our new home near the Sirus star system
Our new well of dreams
Our new chakra 
Love is the key
for all knowledge without love
is a separation from being

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