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We are as a people awakening, soon to be propelled by the dramatic reduction of worldly goods, our capitalist life style. As in times of war we have to focus on helping each other. We are moving towards a whole world consciousness.

Our prejudices, greed, insularity, racism, inequality is laid bare.

Why do we witness acts that are not democratic, against human rights and yet do nothing but continue to accept false choices.

Study our true origin, examine what has been withheld from the times of the flood, because of suppression from religious indoctrination, the intractable Darwin establishment and the equally misguided creationists.

Evidence shows that not only did homo erectus exist contemporary with the dinosaurs but that advanced civilizations existed millions of years ago.  Minutely precise mechanisms have been found inside fossilized coal and stone.

An arrogant bigoted academic elite seek the preservation of their own prerogatives and authority not the truth.  The explanation of who we are and what we are generates a social power that enables control of the agenda in our society.

Our home in space is such a precious phenomena.

It is right now that we must join our hearts and actions.
Right now we have to unit as upholders of peace, defenders without violence.

Our growing independent spirit cannot be diminished or subjugated if it connects with the great forces of goodness and love. Other forces are gathering through the oneness of time to help us all.  Through prayer, meditation, and through many other vehicles. We will learn of cosmic agendas far greater than that of any worldly suppressor.

Now is the time to share, to communicate, to love selflessly, to seek truth, to be as one with all. As our positive energy grows through the power of people dedicated to a better world

Truth and goodness are your strength, a smile has a power, projecting love without seeking reward, will mend another deep flaw in our human condition.

We have used our peace so very badly. Now we must change because we have to.

One Peace One Love One Chance To Share Our World  

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