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We have to tell each other

We are only free when we realise we already are

The world is our family

But we must be strong

Protect what we have devoted a life to achieve

People are as a ship

Who must never stop caring how they are steered

From today we must learn to steer ourselves


Our strength is in our voice

Never to feel intimidated

Always to be a free spirit


We glory in our universe

How we came to exist

Be spiritually naked

A child of the stars


Whether we were brought here

Or grew here

God is in all of us

A part of all the species in the universe


God stills our rage

Helps us forgive

Reaches out in times of loneliness

In times of pain

Gives us strength to empower each other


If we believe that human life has destiny

That the power of love is in our hands

We can achieve anything

Reach out beyond ourselves


Be compassionate

Show the young that we can learn from them

They will watch you

They have to be distant and be strong


Let us continue to soar undiminished

Free spirits just like them

Regardless of age


People condemn that which they inwardly wish for

Be a beacon

Be unafraid

Listen to your inner voice


Life is for celebrating in this body


Each day find something or someone to love

Say something wonderful to another

A son a daughter a parent wife or husband

Partner or stranger


We are all one in the universe

As the rain is part of the sea

The sea cannot be subjugated

And neither can we


Subject: I Salute You!

"Blessings To You,
I read some of your writings!
Freedom and 2012 is amazing. I will have to read them all.
After reading Freedom and 2012,
I have to Salute You Wizard Of Words!
Your words are transforming living in the heart of every soul.
Thank You!
Light and Peace
Anna Horton"

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