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Planet of the Crossing - The Journey of Man Suite

Planet of the Crossing - The Journey of Man Suite

Medium:Collograph (unframed)

Size (h x w):56cm x 41cm



Cat. Number:801

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Planet of the Crossing - Journey of Man Suite - Mythological Narrative

The Sumerians believe that gods, both good and evil, came to Earth from Nibiru,'The planet of the crossing' (the twelfth planet) to create the human race.  6,000 years ago the Sumerians associated Nibiru with the god Marduk (Akkadian - 'crossing place' or 'place of transition'.  The Sumerians believed that Earth was the remains of a planet called Tiamat that broke up in a collision with Nibiru, causing the asteroid belt.

The seven tablets of creation describe in detail the 3,600 year orbit of Nibiru around the sun.  The Nibiru symbol, the winged globe, appears throughout early world history.

(The newly launched IRAS infrared astronomical satellite has located a large object in the depths of space beyond Pluto).

The Sumerians called the beings living on Nibiru, Lord, Nephelim. Elohim, Annunaki and din.gir.  Din - righteous, pure, bright; gir - a term used to describe a sharp-edged object.  Dingir - righteous ones of the sharp-pointed objects.

The Nephelim were the result of a cohabitation between the Annunaki and the female human.  Nephelim (from the Semitic root) 'to be cast down' were the fallen angels, the mighty ones of eternity (Genesis).

Hominid species existed concurrently or through millions of years, became extinct. 
The Sumerians as sapien sapiens had no previous genetic connection.  They appeared suddenly in the course of history, able to write in an advanced language, establish the first civilisation complete with temples, places of learning, industry, agriculture and a democratic legal system.  No previous race bearing our human genes, characteristics, ability to communicate and accumulate knowlege is recorded.

One year (a sar) on Nibiru is equivalent to 3,600 Earth years.  The Annunaki Lifespan is 120 sars, 432,000 years, this exactly marks the time between their arrival and the great flood.

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