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Nuclear fish

Nuclear fish

Medium:Pen on paper


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Nuclear Fish


The irony of beauty in destruction, the portrayal of a contamination

happening in our seas due to chemical pollution and the effect of

our actions.  Throuigh ignorance, neglect and a refusal to be concerned

about the long term effect of our actions on the natural world we are

damaging a vital food source.


There is evidence that a nucliar war occured before the great world flood

in an ancient antediluvian civilization as stores of nucliar material have been

discovered that cannot be denied.  This opens investigations as to whether

past contamination may have actually played a part in the shaping and

changing of some species including ourselves as part of a cause and

effect process.


Recommended reading - Forbidden History - Edited by Douglas Kenyon 

                                         ISBN  159143045-3

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