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Eden Tree - The Journey of Man Suite

Eden Tree - The Journey of Man Suite

Medium:Collograph (unframed)

Size (h x w):56cm x 41cm



Cat. Number:800

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Eden Tree - The Journy of Man Suite - Mythological Narrative

Adam represented the first of mankind (adamah - ground).  Allum is the first king in the Sumerian king list, the first king of Eridu the biblical Eden.  In Sumerian mythology, Africa encountered decendants of people displaced by a drowning Eden.

They heard the story of a lost paradice.  Established in Ubaidian mythology, Eden was adopted by the Sumerians.  The writers of Genesis drew from the literary sources of the great Mesopotamian civilisation.

Enki (Adam) the water God, angered the Mother Goddess Ninhursag by eating eight magical plants that she had planted in a devine garden.  Ninhursag pronounced a curse of death on Enki, and eight parts of his body including a rib, became diseased. 

Ninhursag relented, healing Enki, she created eight healing deities.  The Goddess Nin-ti (Sumerian - Lady of the rib), centuries later, became Eve in Hebrew writings.  The Sumerian word for rib - 'ti' means 'to make live', the Hebrew word 'eve' means 'to live'.

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