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Totem of Gula - The Journey of Man Suite

Totem of Gula - The Journey of Man Suite

Medium:Collograph (unframed)

Size (h x w):56cm x 41cm



Cat. Number:798

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Totem of Gula - The Journey of Man Suite - Mythological Narrative

Gula - 'Ninsun in Sumerian mythology, tutelary goddess of Guea of Largash, had the power to evoke herself.  Together with lugalbanda she parented Gilgamesh.  Gula was a human queen who lived in Uruk; 'The wild cow of the enclosure', The Great Queen.

She became 'Ninsung' a Babylonian Goddess, consort of Ninurta.  Gula is the Goddess of healing.  After the Great Flood she helped breathe life back into mankind.

The Flandrian Transgression caused a sudden rise in sea level (5000 to 4000 BC). The Gulf began to fill with water, reaching the level it is today in 4000 BC.  The flood moved into the regions of today's Iraq and Iran.

The Sumerians claimed that their ancestors came out of the sea.  They retreated northwards into Mesopotamia to escape the encroaching waters of the Gulf, where they lived for thousands of years.

Gilgamesh was a Sumerian hero who had searched for the 'Tree of life'.  Some consider that the tree may have been coral, as it was to the Sumerians, the symbol of eternal life.  While Gilgamesh was asleep, a snake stole the secret of eternal life from him.

Human DNA is in the form of a double helix and the symbol of two snakes spiralling around a staff (or tree) represents medicine today.  It is salutary to contemplate the part played by a reptilian species in modern society. and the ancient stories of the part played by the snake in the garden of Eden.  Similar species may oppose the Annunaki bloodline in 21st century.

The Sumerians regarded that a God of all the heavens would have also been God to the Annunaki, who in modifying human DNA, could have done so on his behalf.

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