Starchild - detail

Starchild - detail

Medium:Graphite on paper

Starchild - detail                                                 See the complete drawing


Making a drawing in this way is to be absorbed into an endlessly changeable

tapestry.  Beginning gently using extremely light grey tones in order to search

for shapes and forms that seem to emerge out of the surface through a mist

of tones.


When shapes crystallize they can be fine -tuned.  In this detail of Starchild, the

forces of light and energy and flowing vortexes are not only used as motifs in

the composition, but to make an illusion of form together with much refined

contours.  Contours sometimes have a dual function as while they make

identifiable shapes they contribute to the dynamic flow through space.


There is also a polyphony at work as forms have two or more identities.

A star may form the center of a flower, the petals of which become clouds.

Planes of tone at the side of the head (above) while evoking the cheek bone,

and the flow of the hair, also reads as a cloud swept by wind.


The Super-Nova burst of light at the center of the breast pushes the form out

of the surface made identifiable by the adjacent breast rendered as a contour.

As a way of depicting the form of the breast it is generalized.  If you view these

rays of light as folds in tight fabric they become nearer to reality.


The details of the face are left for the observer to visualize, the subtle contours

of the profile together with the character of the body as a whole may allow some

to visualise the features precisely and it would be interesting to ask fifty people

to draw them in detail.  This is about projection, association and memory.


The face seems to irradiate its own light, and this is enhanced by an interaction

with the surrounding tones.


Different grades of pencil were used from 'B' to '6B' together with a shaped, soft,

putty rubber, a shaped plastic rubber also a rolled paper stub (fashionable in the

Victorian era and still available).  The paper is a warm white cartridge of a good

weight (200 - 300 GSM - grams per square meter).


Support your surface on several thinner sheets to give the paper some receptive

'give' or softness that is sympathetic to this way of drawing.

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