Drawing the prizes at Knebworth 'Memories in Music' Finale September 2008

Drawing the prizes at Knebworth 'Memories in Music' Finale September 2008


'Memories in Music' a fan Tribute to Led Zeppelin at Knebworth House.

Finale and prize draw for contributors and visitors to this unique show.



Simon Gynne (left) holds a painting of Led Zeppelin, one of the prizes.

Simon's company 'Libero of London' makes exquisitely cast jewelry featuring

Led Zeppelin symbols, also cufflinks and belt buckles that depict harmonicas,

saxaphones, Fender Stratocasters, Gibson Flying 'V's, even double-necked

guitars, a tribute to Jimmy Page.  Visit  http://stores.ebay.com/Libero-of-London


Dave Beasley (right) from a world renowned London boxing family, is aclaimed

for having been Robert Plants body guard.  Dave assisted the event's curator

at Knebworth.


Annie Hollinshead (centre) is a lifetime devotee and fan of the group and

founder of 'Memories in Music' working to help the ABC Action for Brazil's Children

Trust, a UK based charity dedicated to helping the most vulnerable children and

young people of Brazil www.abctrust.org.uk


A star prize was a radio and cassette player called a Meridian F80, developed

in collaboration with Ferrari, it is the worlds most advanced and compact complete

entertainment system.  Visit www.thef80.com


Annie Hollinshead the curator, organiser and the inspiration behind 'Memories in

Music' received overwhelming support throughout the show and may concider

extending her venture into the world of Rock and Roll memerabillia.

Her first love, Led Zeppelin will always play a vital role and her contributions

towards Jimmy Page's ABC Trust will continue.


Memories in Music was featured in the Sunday Times Supplement of August 31st 08.

A full colour brochure produced for the show is already regarded as a highly

prized collectible.




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