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Marks and surfaces - test 128A

Marks and surfaces - test 128A

Marks and surfaces - series 128A


Sequence 1 1-3 (Left to right)

1     Permanent black Super Quink - Parker pen (contains solvent X)

2     Royal Blue washable ink - Super Quink - Parker pen (contains solvant X)

3     Graphite pencil  -  Staedtler tradition  3H   2H   4H


Sequence 2 1-3 (L-R)


       Water sluble felt pens - Stabilayout - Schwan Stabilo


Sequence 3 1-3 (L-R)

1     Graphite pencils - Staedtler tradition HB

2     Water soluble crayons - Caren D'ache Prismalo Aquarell

3     Water soluble crayons - 24 Aquarell - Schwan stabilo



This 45lb Daler Rowney Cartridge was tested with a variety of media to

examine the precision and flow with various types of pencils, pens and markers.

Heavier cartrige papers were found to be more suitable for fine pencil line

work particularly if hard grades are used, otherwise the result can be metalic,

and abrasive with a slight break down of the surface (Seq 3  No1)


Writing pens are good for drawing on this cartridge surface and there is very

little 'sticking' of the nib, even if dip-pens are used (Seq 1 No1)

Felt and fibre tipped pens can be used with precision and there is less colour

spread with plastic bonded fibre tips.

Colour maintains a greater intensity if applied as a single layer to preserve the

luminosity caused by the lightness of the underlying paper (Seq 2  1-3). 

For maximum colour intensity select a paper or board with a high white surface

as the refractive index will be greater.


Thin cartridge should be soaked and stretched if water media is to be used.

Once stretched the surface can be used for a multi-media application.

Pencil, water colour, acrylic, finally oils in that order may be applied, though

it is advisable to mount the finished result on a self adhesive board.

Red City, is an example of this same layering of media.

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