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Marks and surfaces - test 128

Marks and surfaces - test 128

Marks and surfaces - series 128


Sequence 1 1-3 (left to right)

1-3   Soft pastel ground to a powder, applied to 45lb cartrige

        paper with a tissue pad.  The centres and outer rings were

        exchanged to examine colour interactions.


Sequence 2 1-3 (L-R)

1     Soft grade pencil applied in parallel horizintal and oblique

       strokes, the surface sprayed with colourless fixative.

2     Same as sequence 1 1-3

3     Surface rubbed over low reief decorative surface using a

       black wax stick.

Sequence 3 1-3 (L-R)

1     A fine mesh and a string of small beads were laid on the

       surface of the paper, then airbrushed using lightfast, waterproof

       FW ink by Steig Products.

2     Two samples of paper rubbed with a wax stick over finely textured

       surfaces.  The inner circle and outer ring were combined to

       compare the different textures.

3     Texture rubbed using black wax over a wood grain.


The tests were made using 45lb Dater Rowney cartrige paper.

The surface is sympathetic to being rubbed with soft pastels and wax.

Make a pad from cotton wool covered with tissue or soft whit cotton.

A spray fixative should be applied before further working in water based,

acrylic paint or further pastel layers.

This surface is sensative and absorbant giving soft qualities to airbrush details.

The paper retains high detail when rubbed over meshed or grainy surfaces.

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