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Marks and surfaces - series 109

Marks and surfaces - series 109

Marks and surfaces - series 109


Sequence 1 - 1-4 (left to right)

1    Blacklead pencil 2B (bonded) 120 Staedtler

2    Drawing pencil EB Mars Lumograph Staedtler

      slow wear, high opacity, break resistant bonding.

3    Astral Black wax rubbing and drawing stick

4    Rotring varient 0.1 + Rotring drawing ink


Sequence 2 - 1-3 (left to right)

1    Black spirit-based felt pen.  Magic Marker M-100 (studio set)

      Black water-based felt pen.  Stabilayout Schwan Stabilo

      +clear wax stick.

2    Astral Black rubbing and drawing stick.

3    Astral Black wax rubbing and drawing stick, on waterproof

      non-clogg FW ink Steig Products


Sequence 3 - 1-4 (left to right)

1    Graphite pencil - Staedtler Tradition 6B EE 100

2    Graphite pencil - Staedtler Mars Lumograph EE 100

3    Ball point pen - Bic

4    Graphite pencil - Staedtler Tradition 4H 110

Sequence 4 - 1-4 (left to right)

1    Graphit  pencils - Staedtler Mars Lumograph 6B 100

                                 Staedtler Tradition             HB 110

2    Graphite pencil - Staedlter Mars Lumograph 6B  100

3    Graphite powder + Photo Mount Scotch

4    Graphite pencil - Staedtler Tradition             HB  100


A Daler Rowney 70gsm marker pad was used as the surface.

Soft grade pencils yealded an intense black, textural rubbing

is sharp and clear.  Black wax rubbing has the appearence of

lithography.  Water based pens resist wax, marking clearly in

unwaxed areas, the surface offers less resistance with spirit-based

markers.  Ball point pen runs smoothly over the surface, subtle

gradations of tone may be built up until an intricate mesh

eliminates the white of the paper (seq 3 No 3)


Fine gradations are achieved by rubbing graphite from paper

surfaces, the surface texture of the paper becomes compacted.

Spray fixative beds the graphite down, the surface is not ideal

for technical pens but is highly erasable with plastic and soft

putty erasers.

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