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Anu Bel and Ea - Detail

Anu Bel and Ea - Detail


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Research behind the symbols

For years I have asked fundamental questions about who, what, and where we are we are in the universe. This study has taken me into the earliest known civilizations before the great flood and certainly before the Old Testament which contains great truths, myth derived from real events and of course, great editing that attempts rather badly, to hide the real story of our origin.

The symbols and shapes used in much of my work are derived from these ancient times. They incorporate astronomy, the natural world, the mysteries of the priesthood, goddesses, secret brotherhoods, and our relationship with the cosmos. The Maya lived by the study of the stars, they were the 'time-keepers' that predicted events of our time today by means of a long-count calender. The Tolmecs predate the Maya and both species may well have migrated from Atlantis and have had a close alien (Annunaki) involvement.

The often childlike shapes and pictograms that predate cuneiform are deceptively simple, they are highly sophisticated, while imparting great meaning in a time when we were telepathic and more in connected with the Earth. These elements form a continual inspiration for my work.


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