Zacron addresses invited Led Zeppelin supporters, collectors and members of the media at Knebworth.

Zacron addresses invited Led Zeppelin supporters, collectors and members of the media at Knebworth.

Memories in Music - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin at Knebworth House.


Led Zeppelin played their last outside UK date at Knebworth Park on

August 11 1972.  To celebrate this event, and the 40th  anniversary

of the formation of the band, Knebworth is holding a Led Zeppelin

Memorabilia Exhibition from August 1st until September 3rd 2008.


The exhibition was the inspiration of Annie Hollinshead, a lifelong

supporter of the group, and is in support of the ABC Trust for the children

of Brazil, of which Jimmy Page is the patron.


Zacron, who has contributed Archival Edition Prints remastered from his

artwork for the group, was invited to adress a select invited assembly of

serious enthusiasts and collectors of memorabilia.

The artist was met by press cameras following a dramatic arrival, he was

welcomed by Annie Hollinshead and was presented with a book,

'Knebworth, 30 Years of the greatest rock venue in the world' by

Martha Lytton Cobbold, the current resident of the great house and the

host of the exhibition.

Zacron, who was interviewed for national radio, was also presented with

a specially printed brochure produced by by  Annie Hollinshead,  impresario

and curator, the brochure is an exclusive highly collectable edition. 


The address included the artist's time with the group in 1970, the stories behind

the art and comments about the way technology has expanded techniques

available to artists.  Zacron also rose to the challenge by speaking of intractible

British attitudes the need for creative people not to be type-cast and restricted

by prejudice.  He announced that he was a fellow supporter and enthusiast

of Led Zeppelins music.  He was met with great enthusiasm and cheering from

all those present.


Tribute to Zacron from Annie Hollinshead Director of Memories in Music

Memories in Music is honoured to have the renowned artist Zacron as our first Patron. Rock fans, and especially Led Zeppelin fans, will recognize Zacron as the designer of the Led Zeppelin III album cover. His iconic design has fans in its own right and is one of the most popular and instantly recognisable album covers in the world.
Zacron's talents extend far beyond this amazing album design. He is a photographer, musician, painter, sculptor, writer, philosopher, and campaigner for freedom of expression and the arts. If you have not experienced more of Zacron's amazing body of work, visit his website at: You'll find wonderful articles and artwork there that will inspire and enlighten you.

I first met Zacron in the summer of 2008 when he kindly agreed to write an article for the programme of the 40th Anniversary Tribute to Led Zeppelin I organized at Knebworth House. He did so much more than write an article for that event, he opened it with a wonderfully exciting speech, signed albums for fans, posed for photographs, loaned me amazing memorabilia for the display, drew the prize winners for the contest, and gave a large portion of his art sales to the ABC Trust for the duration of the exhibit.
Zacron has been closely involved with the creation of Memories in Music, acting not only as advisor on business matters, but also giving me much needed personal encouragement to continue when the Knebworth House exhibit ended. I appreciate his help so very much, and I know with his influence the company will do great things for charity. It's a privilege to work with him, and to count him as a friend. 

Annie Hollinshead, Managing Director

Led Zeppelin III was the first allbum that Annie Hollinshead bought and both the music and the cover were a major influence on the founding of Memories in Music.  Her dreams came true when in 2008 she met Zacron in Cambridge who signed her childhood cover.

Zacron later introduced Annie to Jimmy Page for the first time at the Premier of 'It Might Get Loud' at the Hammersmith Apollo.  Zacron welcomed Jimmy Page to the Premier on the red carpet.



Photograph - Art Shot International

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