Portrait of Martin Radige

Portrait of Martin Radige

Medium:Archival Signed Edition Photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:877

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Portrait of Martin Radige


The photograph was made in the seventies in a garden at West Byfleet, Surrey.

Martin a great conversationalist loved music and played on a variety of instruments.

I always carried a camera, and look for the opportunity to create a powerfull shot.

While relating and enjoying the occasion  I  scrutinised every aspect of the

environment, the atmosphere and the body language of the subject.


This was a love affair with the way the sunlight played on the leaves to make a

jungle setting for the decorative cain of the chair.  The mood of the figure was

paramount, intense, yet removed into a trance on this very hot day in summer.

The low level of the shot gives a slight monumental perspective to the subject.


A Rhico single lense reflex was used together with positive transparency,

monochromatic film (Dia-direct) from Agfa Gevaert.  As the film was only 25 ASA

the camera had to be held very firmly, however the soft tones and individual

quality of this film adds to the magic of light and shade.


Martin's father is Eddie  Radige, creator of the animation for 'Animal Farm' and is

renowned in the film business. 


The area, is opulent but well seasoned, close to Weybridge, the post-Liverpool

landing place for the Beatles.  Twinkle, famous for her motorbyke song in the

sixties, lived in a woodland cottage nearby.  Strange that this stockbroker belt

should shelter rock stars so intrumental in fuelling the great music revolution of

the era.  A sense of its energy hung on amidst the silence, the rush of trees devoid

of ordinary living and any knowledge of world affairs, it was easy to imagine yourself

a part of the Bloomsbury Group.


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