1952 The year of the Coronation

1952 The year of the Coronation

Zacron Masquerades as an artist for the Coronation


The artist's father was a prolific artist, multi-media craftsman and inventor.

In the year of the coronation, flags, shields and bunting decorated the suburbs

of South London.  In an age of greater childhood innocence, balanced with strict

parential control, the annual town carnival brought exhiliaration, fuelling a desire

for an eventful more glamorous lifestyle, that other world which appeared only to

exist in films, magazines and on nine-inch television screens.


The artist found himself a vehicle for his father's tireless imagination.  He once had

to walk over three miles with his head painted white, inside a simulated glass

museum display case, surrounded by ancient relics.  He represented the head of

Mithras, the Roman God, excavated in London that same year.

He won first prize in the school 'fancy costume' competition.  Both father and son

are seen here, ironically masquerading as artists.  The family car literally framed to

make 'The first 3D Royal Academy picture', complete with paletts on each wheel.

Birds and clouds were suspended inside the area of the frame!


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