Inside silence

Inside silence

Medium:Archival signed edition photograph

Size (h x w):56cm x 41cm



Cat. Number:875

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Inside Silence


Why should I have photographed such a situation as this?

Perhaps I should have been annoyed by the transitory changes

that prevent you from viewing the exhibits.  However the opposite

is the case.  Inadvertently the Victoria and Albert Museum had

created a visual shock and it took some time to analyse quite

why a 'fenced-off' Buddha should cause my heart to miss a beat.

It would be presumtuous to preempt your own reaction which will

inevitably be different from my own.


There is a strange dichotomy in the twenty first century between

the politically correct, and the compulsion (in some) to be as

explicit as possible in an attempt to shock.  I will therefore edit

some of my reactions on the grounds that I am not Henry Miller,

one of the innovators of explicit social realism, although

'The Naked Lunch' might have made an alternative title!


In such an image, colour is irrelevant, it is extraordinary how tones

of grey excite the feeling of the sun's warmth, the cool of the shade.

Perhaps even stone figures have a need for privacy and time away

from the public stare.  A fragment of nudity heightens a desire for

greater revelations.  'People condemn that which they inwardly



The image, humorous on one level, taps the subconscious and we

become this Buddha, vulnerable and exposed even in moments of

privacy.  A society that feeds from scrutiny, will erode the sanctity

of our private lives.  In such a society there will be a need to

strengthen our inner selves, a need for greater spirituality.


It gives me hope to see the young stop and wonder,

to see their minds turning over ideas internally regardless of the

opinions of their peers, they just might become spiritual beings in

later life.  This is an idiological fence, free from accusations of

radical extreamism, symbolising an impenetrable state of great solace and



A prayer within a prayer - inside silence.

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