Medium:Archival Signed edition photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:874

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The image was made in the seventies at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs, Surrey,

the day before the great excitment of the Epsom races.  I saw the advertisement

hoarding being assembled from a distance and felt that the natural world was being

errased with a jigsaw of typographic forms.  There was a sense of theatre as if the

scenary was being re-fabricated, the construction of the scene became the play.


I waited for the last pieces to be put in place, allowing the image to appear devoid

of any other visual reference except one tiny fragment of that other world.

I was excited by the linear geometry of the ladder, the angle of the arms and the

way they sharply interrupted and opposed the linear flow of the gigantic script.

It was like watching a gigantic game of snakes and ladders.



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