Medium:Archival Signed edition photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:873

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The place was a narrow country lane near woking in surrey at dusk.

Motoring homeward and extreamely tired my vehicle was forced to avoid

an obstruction at the side of the road.  I had travelled for half a mile

but the fleeting image had made an indelible impression.  I proceeded

to lecture myself, that a serious photographer never avoids even the

remotest possibility of making an important image.  I turned my vehicle

now some distance from the fleeting dream and returned.


The tarpaulin had been folded away, the men sat in the cabin ready to

depart, I was shocked and dismayed.  I knocked on the window of the

lorry and told the two occupants about the dramatic image I had seen.

To my surprise they agreed to meticulously recreate the event down to

the very last fold in the cloth, what superstars!


I now had my subject recreated and a small window of opportunity for

a photographic session.  Probing the subject from all directions as the

light faded.  My green velvet suit was covered in mud as I slithered

invuluntarily into some barbed wire.  No cost was too high, I new what

I wanted and got it.  I came away thrilled with the event now rolled

inside my camera.


The irony, the pathos, the sham death, the luscious dark, the post-nuclear

logo.  Here was a Brecht play, the elegant corpse etched by Goya, the

sonorous tones of a fifties road movie. 


I have no moral issue about 'directing naturalness', people see the

photograph not the processes.


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