Bruer Tidman - Major Exhibition at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth 5 7 08

Bruer Tidman - Major Exhibition at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth 5 7 08

Bruer Tidman puts on a major show at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth


The art of Bruer Tidman is of monumental proportions, it is endlessly experimental

yet draws on a life of experience in terms of handling compositions, juggling with

figures, spaces, and abstracted forms with a relentless energy.


Tidman taps into other great artists both as a homage and to re-live, emotionally,

events in their lives.  He breaks the Post Modernist dictate in sustaining

a nutritious connection with artists through history.  The resulting eclecticism

unmistakably becomes Tidman's unique approach to painting.


In an age that is becoming fettered by political correctness it is refreshing to

experience Tidman's raw explicitness that sees the 'animal' in the human just as

Francis Bacon did and Lucien Freud does.  There is great courage in the handling

of figures seen as silhouette shapes in a way that implies form.  The colour results

in an emotional presence within the formal structure of the work; the division of

qualities in the way they are handled have a strategy that is intuitive, not

expressionist.  There is a conflict between sensual surfaces and aggressive, physical

manipulation; distorted forms create unexpected, incongruous combinations.


Tidman's passion for painting has in part been ignited by the circus and the theatre.

There is an underlying compassion for his people and a special connection with the

maternal.  Some figures have a dramatic sense of isolation.  There are qualities of

Modigliani, Klee, Picasso, Braque, Nolde, Chagall, Rouault and early Lautrec.


The Tate Modern collection is incomplete without paintings by Bruer Tidman.

The artist has continually made an important contribution to serious painting in

Britain.  The work is always surprising, the impact of Tidman's view of the world, once

seen, the images make a lasting imprint.  The glories of the building site are

greatly preferable to the non-eventfull buildings that so often result.  Tidman's

paintings have a similar rawness, you are drawn into the energy behind the process,

there is no artificial tidying up.

Far removed from the communally produced, photographic, jigsaw-pictograms of Hirst,

Tidman strives for a structural completeness; his refreshingly dangerous looking

educates the eye and wards off complacency.





Photograph - Art Shot International




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