The Great Anton Stephens Performed with Special Guests at The Arts Club June 22 2008

The Great Anton Stephens Performed with Special Guests at The Arts Club June 22 2008

The Great Anton Stephens Performs at The Arts Club London


Anton Stephens like so many great performers before him,

emerged through the demanding and empowering experience

of Gospel singing.


Here is a man so gifted, so able to project the human spirit beyond

the body that he may well have unnerved producers used to settling

for a more average ability.  Anton is the real deal, way beyond the

utility level of roll-casting and must be viewed as a national treasure.

Here is a consistent high level of delivery, deeply compassionate understanding

of an extraordinary musical range.  Anton has real humour, satire and the ability

to command the respect of a spectrum of talents.  When he presents them in

full concert he is a true imressario.


To say that Anton's performance at The Arts Club was uplifting would

be an understatement.  Backed by accomplished musicians who played

with a dexterity, poise and charm that would challenge Mary Black.

Members and guests were treated to poignant ballads, simmering blues,

romantic and satirical duetts, percussive jazz 'slap that base' and

gospel singing that elevated this sedate Mayfair venue, rocking it to

its feet and searching the sky for God.


The range of voices was astounding, male and female alike, they had

a dignity.  Performers face their world with courage, challenging you to

be a part of it. Against the backdrop of the Club Gardens, dusk fell

beneath the giant canopy of the plane tree.  Pristine instruments sparkled

in the stage lighting.  Amongst a plethora of circular tables exquisitely

displayed with orchids, threaded the international catering staff, attentive

to a nicety. The Arts Club excelled The Talk of The Town, The London

Palladium, becoming vibrant, glamorous, yet intimate.


Anton is an audio Van Gogh - every brush stroke laced with energy,

but with an underlying humility so instantly endearing.


Thank you Anton for gracing our lives with such uplift, may you secure

happiness for the humanity you so freely give.


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