On a Paris street

On a Paris street

Medium:Archival Signed Edition Photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:858

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On a Paris Street


Shop windows sheltered the unobtainable

A touch of rain, umbrellas for sale

Creamy coffee clung to thick porcelain

The bustle of strangers

Her fluted white dress swirled

A public kiss drawn as a deep breath

Tourists cheered from their glass walled coach

Just one treasure lingered

Smiling thinly as thin as paper

Crisply bathing in the Paris street

In gentle retirement

How can such a thing be a being

Is it possible a leaf has a spirit



As in the atom, the vein of a leaf, a component in a chaos structure, that every detail is not only a part, but a microcosm of the whole. In a way, you may use only a few words but they become a microcosm of a great deal more.

In a few words one can hear fear, loss, regret, a feeling of emptiness, that a part of a person has been taken away.

Words can wrap strong arms around you and say that you are still you, glorious you. Each day is a microcosm of all your life, a precious part not to be discarded, harmed, made in any way less.

Imagine this protective web around you, how all the things you have ever done that have brought goodness are all inside you forever and that nothing can take them away. You are all the things you ever dreamed off being in the magical moments of your childhood.

Rejoin those moments before the storm and cast a bridge across the storm to make whole again.



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