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Colour Callibrating to Make an Archival Edition Print

Colour Callibrating to Make an Archival Edition Print

Colour Calibrating to make an Archival Signed Edition Print


In order to make a high quality edition print from an original artwork,

each colour has to be matched on screen to the original.  The Screen

itself has first to be calibrated and the settings interfaced with the printer.


When working from a water colour the colour quality is crucial and all the

fine gradations of colour have to be examined in detail, too much yellow

and the image appears too warm and blues turn to green.

Blue is often the most critical colour to match, too much magenta for

example can turn a blue into a violet.  A change of 1% - 2% in just one

colour can change the relationship of the whole.


The image here is a masterful watercolour by Gerard Stamp who has

produced a collection of church interior and exterior studies.  The artist

employs a series of finely layered washes to achieve an atmospher of

glowing light.  The process is highly suitable to this kind of fine work and

the artist may view more than one proof in order to be satisfied with the

result.  This level of colour calibration can take several days.

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