Led Zeppelin III Rock album cover, strictly limited world edition plus 50 a/p's signed by Zacron

Led Zeppelin III Rock album cover, strictly limited world edition plus 50 a/p's signed by Zacron

Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):68cm x 68cm



Cat. Number:739

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The history of Zacron’s Led Zeppelin III Archival Prints,
remastered from the world’s most renowned rock album cover design,
Led Zeppelin III and the Rotator.
Collector’s specials from 1970.

Zacron met Jimmy Page in 1963 while a student at Kingston Collage of Art. Page had become a guitarist for a band called The Yardbirds. 'Jimmy visited my studio and in his home we discussed art and music. We decorated our guitars with experimental materials and designs, I made liquid projections using hot oils and strobes linked to the music of Jimmy Hendrix'.

In 1964 Zacron produced an elaborate work called 'A Window on London', using trompe l'oel painting with multi-layered collaged panels. The work was dedicated to a retrospective spirit of England. The work was noted by Peter Blake and together with a mural depicting the town of Diss in Norfolk, it had a formative effect on a founding member of The Brotherhood of the Ruralists.  Jimmy Page later purchased Zacron's magical window together with another painting that depicted the rotation of the day into night through colour and symbols. The composition extended on to the frame, this extending of a traditional boundary laid the foundation stone for the Graphic arena created for Led Zeppelin in 1970.

While at the Royal Academy Schools Zacron produced a rotating book, people could ask questions about their interaction with the environment using concentric sequences of images while changing layers of colour. Hidden overlaid discs, and intersecting spirals created graphic animations, poems described our ecological plight while astronauts tumbled away from the earth to illustrate time. In 1965 foundations were laid for an innovative rotating rock album cover for Led Zeppelin that would appear five years later.

In 1970 Zacron resigned a lectureship in order to operate a full time studio. Jimmy Page had been hunting for the artist for some time, when contact was made, Zacron was asked to master-mind Led Zeppelin's third album cover.

For Zacron the cover was a break through in terms of its use of space, implied movement together with movement in real time.  Regardless of subject matter, each component became a formal abstract element, interacting with all the images to make a unified whole. The work created a surrealist environment, changing relative concepts of scale and subject matter.  The square format became a visual theater in which images could appear to move and have their own energy, some moved beyond the boundary.

In 1970 Zacron said 'An album cover is not sound packaging, but an area of visual communication, an opportunity to put visual art and audio art together in a joint arena.' Zacron examined the music industry images in relentless detail in order to create a cover of stature that would endure.

In 1974 the cover was polled amongst the world's top four and overtook a major design  made for the Beatles.  Zacron created a founding work of Psychedelic Surrealism that has become a recognised icon worldwide.

Led Zeppelin III and Led Zeppelin Rotator (68cm x 68cm) are archival limited edition prints made with lightfast pigment inks on 305gsm acid free etching paper. Your print will be signed and editioned by the artist and design permitting, will be emboss-stamped by Lantern Studios
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Zacron, prints that do not carry the Lantern Studios embossed stamp and signature, are
not remastered or issued by the artist who cannot garuntee quality.

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