Led Zepellin III and the Rotator in the studio

Led Zepellin III and the Rotator in the studio

Medium:Archival Edition Print

Size (h x w):41.7cm x 73.8cm



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Nick Brown is a digital photographic and colour callibration specialist.

His detailed and meticulous work ensures an accurate connection between

the artist's original artwork and the high quality archival print edition.


Nick, an enthusiastic art collector, added these Zacron images to his private

collection.  He is the first to aquire a print from this important edition.

The work is mounted in a white recessed box frame, creating a pristine

environment to complement the graphic sharpness and intense colour.


Please note - Led Zeppelin Archival Editions shown are the only examples remastered by
Zacron, prints that do not carry the Lantern Studios embossed stamp and signature, are
not issued by the artist who cannot garuntee quality.


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