One Special Day in Summer

One Special Day in Summer

Medium:Archival Edition Print - Special Private Edition 2008

Size (h x w):60cm x 80cm


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One Special Day in Summer

This Archival Digital print was made to commemorate the marriage of two friends of the artist.  The text included in the work was read to the assembly on the day, it was written by Zacron to mark the occasion and as a special tribute.  (below)


Today is Mary's and Simon's day

God has shined with finger-tipped smiles

All that we do to support their love for each other

Gives value to our own lives even the love of ourselves

A rare thing indeed


Each person in marriage becomes two people

The person you are and the person you love

Let your weaknesses be absorbed in the strength of the other

Rest your rage upon the shoulder of evening

For to be absorbed will give you power beyond your dreams


Hang your ego like an old hat

For play comes from gentleness not contriteness

Love is not a condition, it's an act of free will

It will take on new shapes when you give your partner

The last biscuit in the tin


Strive not to take each other for granted

Value their creativity, ability and feelings that make

them uniquely different from you

What would be the point of being married to yourself


You are a beacon to all ages for as you strive to find richness

in the simplest things, those who crave worldly wealth

may just begin to realise that the jewell of life lies elswhere


Keep the child alive within you through all your life

Exquisite nonsense is not the sole right of the young

Teach the young to be the age they are, or they will

spend the rest of their lives looking for their childhood


Marriage makes the whole world your greater family

It makes men fight for the rights of women

Women fight for the rights of men

For they are truly the same

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