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Drawing in the Lantern Gallery

Drawing in the Lantern Gallery

Medium:Photograph C.H. for ArtShot International


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Drawing in the Lantern Gallery

Drawing is carried out on a daily basis, both in preparation for a work, and as a means of exploration.  I work with a precise controllable point, building the drawing line by line without erasing.  Each line interacts with all the lines, the more complex the structure, the more sophisticated is the process of controlling the journey while continually exploring new dynamics, devices, rythms, abstract and pictorial associations.

I watch the tension build from outside the drawing process itself as if witnessing the event beyond the act of drawing.  Shapes may become animate or inanimate, a circle  maybecome a shape, a hole or an eye, the features of a facelike form may work in several dimensions, interacting with other adjacent forms becoming polyphonic.

Your own body language and patterns of learning, may cause you to repeat the same approach making a recognisable pattern of shapes from drawing to drawing.  It is worth anaylising this pattern, and to experiment with changing the way you draw, beginning in a different place, changing the sequence of the development.  Try imagining that the entities you draw are made of wood, metal, or a soft material, this will produce a different feel to the work.  This process requires great discipline paticularly if you are to maintain the thought process throughout the drawing from beginning to end.

Erasure may provide a drawing process in its own right, working in negative by removing areas of tone, refining and cutting back edges or softning forms.  The wonderfull thing about drawing is that you can develope your own way of working, it is how you control it, or release yourself from control that counts, even an intuitive drawing carries elements of intellect and discipline.

The drawing (above) is 'Earthbound' in its initial stage; oil pigment was rolled onto the back of the paper which was then accurately traced on to heavy weight paper.  This gave the image a mono-printed quality, the work was then continued using both wet and dry media, finally the work was made into a digital archival edition print.

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