Human Clock

Human Clock

Medium:Archival Signed Edition Photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:706

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Human Clock


Each time you rise up from suffering you grow stronger, your senses of being is changed, you retain within you the sense of having suffered but when you find peace it is a deeper more compassionate peace, if you have truly journeyed from the past, you now let your sense of humanity, selflessness and true humility shine to inspire others. I once visited a powerful medium who brought my relatives into the room and spoke in their voices, they related to me as they are NOW.
She said that a veil had been drawn over a child I had lost but that SHE had grown up on the spirit side.

True remote viewers (who have trained and are monitored under supervision) are able to target and talk to anyone in the 'subworld' including Buddha and Jesus Christ. Just how can this be?  Well I have come to realise that time on our Earth appearing to be linear, is an illusion, that we can rationalise.  Beings from the cosmos visit Earth and show us our future, how can this be?  Well if you think of time as all one, that what we call past, present and future is one and the same, then this may well be true, and all these things are possible!

The most wonderful thing is that our physical bodies are a kind of illusion since our perception is illusory (reacting to the incoming energy of light particles, interacting to an exchange of atoms through touch).
Therefore the spirit that is us simply continues beyond physical limitations and death is an illusion with which we define a change of dimensions in worldly terms.

Our loved ones continue to grow beyond the physical dimension.
What will happen has 'already happened' The being for whom we grieve is a great loss to us but LIVES free of all suffering but you are free to continue to celebrate all of life of which they are still a part!
Celebrate them and in time you will come to understand that all things can help you grow towards living a great and wonderful life, that you are capable of rising up and surprising yourself!

With love and humility Zacron

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