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The Beginning

The Beginning

Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):56cm x 41cm



Cat. Number:745

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The Beginning - Archival edition print

Before reading the following it is important to understand that 'remote viewing' is an internationally recognised means of travelling through a skilled mental process, anywhere in place or time.  Participants are trained to understand that time does not work as we have thought, that is that the past, present and future are one, that the future has already happened.  

Remote viewers are able to travel through solid objects, communicate telepathically, even enter the mind of a targeted person (or being) from any point in time. There is a University of remote viewing in Cambridge.  The information communicated through the process is extreamly accurate and participants are currently targeting other bodies in space where they are finding intelligent life in abundance.


A remote viewer while visiting a targeted location, found himself being taken to an underground facility where he observed people working with machinery.

Another being (a grey) had expected his
arrival (not so unusual if the future has already happened). The grey invited the
RV to enter his head.

The coordinator advised him to continue but to have a question ready, that he should remember to always be positive and that he was an emissary of the Earth.

Instantly the remote viewer found himself in the center of a mass of swirling light,
continuously expanding. He felt that his mind was being stretched over such vast distances that he would never be able to return to a state of normal earthly consciousness. He felt he was in the presence of God. Now was the time for his question.

'Why did you make the universe?' he asked. A great voice that filled all of space replied, 'I had been alone for an eternity, I wanted to create something
that I could love and that would love me.'

Instantaneously the viewer entered a tunnel and saw a myriad of stars rushing by, he opened his eyes back in his reclined chair in 'Sunstreak' operations center.

'Where did you send me?' he asked the coordinator, who handed him a manila envelope. Written on a single piece of paper, were the words -

Mars now!

This astonishing story was the inspiration behind 'The Beginning'. 

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