The Bridge - Edam Holland

The Bridge - Edam Holland

Medium:Archival Signed Edition Photograph

Size (h x w):41cm x 56cm



Cat. Number:838

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The Bridge - Edam Holland


Edam in Northern Holland is formed alongside its network of canals,

as sequences of old dutch facades sit like precious models, tightly

running in line between the bridges.  Avenues of Utrillo trees make

a feathered screen through which tiny leaded windows look out on

intimate spaces, painted shutters, minute, perfectly bonded bricks

and the sparkle of water.


An exploration of passages and back-lanes reveal secret gardens

and an ancient boat yard, then a magical view of the place where

two canals meet to make an open expanse of water.  It is not

hard to place yourself back in time, wealding a goose quill dipped

in bistre ink to depict such scenes in the heart of the 1500's.


Follow the canal from the old museum to the corner-shop then over

the bridge.  It is from the centre of this bridge looking back down

towards the centre of the town, that this photograph was taken.


This central position allows you to float in space as if hovering above

the water.  The bridge itself is allowed to sit an isolated motif, arching

in all its serine splendour.  The position of the light is essential as it

floods part of the bridge to describe the surface, while making a space

beyond, the light also plays dramatically on the forground water.


I am haunted by the shadowed boats that merge with the under-belly

of the structure, resonating in the dark water.  Bergman films made the

simple statement great using meticulously aligned compositions that

dissolve any consciousness that the shot is arranged.  The presence of

the bridge speaks for itself as you enter into this intimate place of great

peace.  Although this is but a fragment from an extensive and rich

environment, it holds together, as an isolated part of a monumental

structure.  For me it makes an emotional presence that evoques the

place that exists outside the image.


The light is an essential part of Holland, it falls upon wide expanses of

land yet that same light becomes intimate as it irradiates the old glass

of windows, the plaster walls, soft carpets and the wind-rippled surfaces

of water. 


Great image makers compel me to see the unique essence of their region,

the life and times they experienced.  I find myself searching for those

qualities to see if they have survived in 21st century Holland.

This for me, is part of a time-layering process that values history in all

its forms.  I do not see a thin veneer of the present devoid of the past,

it is more a process of reassessing both the past and the present as it

exists in the environment now.


'The scholar in his study' by Rembrandt, a painting that has

made a deep impression from early childhood.

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