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Looking after and framing your archival print

Looking after and framing your archival print


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Looking after and framing your Archival Edition Print.

Lantern Studios sends Archival Edition Prints anywhere in the world.

Each print is packed in perfect condition and checked for quality.
Prints are sent registered and tracked, the acid free 305gsm paper loosely rolled.

You are advised not to straighten the print or continually move it but to give it
to your frame maker as he will be skilled in handling quality prints.

The ‘key-line’ gives the frame maker the exact dimensions as shown on the
website, he can if you wish, trim to the line which is there to show the exact
size of the designed format often creating a proportioned white area around
the work.  The print can be framed without a mount as the artist intended,
the choice is yours.

You can use a wide, flat modern frame painted white, black or waxed natural
wood.  You can alsouse a box frame, black or white, with strips of wood or
foam board (20mm) inside to distance the print from the glass.

Another option is to use a square sectioned modern frame with a metallic
appearance, gold, silver, bronze, hammered, or brushed finish.
This will look very good with strong, high contrast, colourful and designed

These frames sometimes have a black outer edge that contrasts
with the metallic finish.

If you want to guratuntee absolute flatness then your print can be mounted
on to self-adhesive board, your frame maker will know how to roll the peint
in stages while slowly pulling away the backing paper from the centre.

Put sheets of acid-free card between the print or print board and the frame
backing board.  This will protect the print while pressing the surface of the
print against the glass (with a standard frame).

You can use spring clips at the back of large frames to increase the pressure.
For the very best archival framing, you can use museum glass.
‘Superclear’ glass prevents 95% of ultra violet light from reaching the
Surface and gives a very clear view of the art.

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