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Drawing on the move in Holland

Drawing on the move in Holland


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A gallery of original drawings, part of an ideas-workshop made daily at various locations. They exhibit a less static view of drawing that is often influenced by different environments.  Each drawing is a creative work in its own right but may also be part of the process that leads to more elaborate work in different media.  Inevitably drawing may be animated or static, probing animate or inanimate subjects.  Some artists dismiss drawing as antiquated or segregate it as being only about graphics but they are profoundly wrong in both cases.  Drawing is an accessible natural manual process that has endless functions.

Drawing offers a clearing house for the mind, a chance to investigate, explore, experiment and store ideas, a terrific form of reference that may well lay the foundation for works that
evolve using an endless variety of materials, developed through multiple media processes.

An 'About Time' badge in support of drawing may be found under Drawing in the Portfolio section, please feel free to download it!

The drawing you select will be mounted in acid-free board, ready for framing.
Unless otherwise stated, postage is free.

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