Reflections of Paris

Reflections of Paris

Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):139cm x 104cm



Cat. Number:760

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Reflections of Paris

Reflections of Paris (European Suite) is one of a series inspired by European cities and locations.

The work, part of a limited edition of twenty five, inherits qualities from ‘A Window on London’ painted in 1963 it was an elaborate fusion between painting and collage to make the panels of a real window. The work drew the attention of Peter Blake, was exhibited at the Royal Academy and purchased by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

‘Reflections of Paris’ also incorporates sections of a façade as a working format. Images are composed to portray Paris through layers of time, The work evokes a period from 1880 – 1930 and includes many images that portray Paris as it is today taken from an image archive made on location. Portrait heads of leading artists, writers and philosophers appear in the lower panel, they superimpose a mural from The Moulin Rouge.

The work, while being a tribute to Paris, contains elements of social history and fashion, retaining a subjective atmosphere of pathos, isolation experienced in a city against a background of theatre and carnival.

Reflections of Paris (102.8cm wide by 132.8cm high) is an archival limited edition print made with lightfast pigment inks on 305gsm acid free etching paper. Your print will be signed and editioned by the artist and design permitting, will be emboss-stamped by Lantern Studios. Post is free of charge.

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