Crystal Theatre

Crystal Theatre

Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):109cm x 80cm



Cat. Number:794

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Crystal Theatre

Crystal theatre explores a syntonic environment, a place in another star system. The placing of objects in space relates to a ground plane set against a vaporous sky. The surface is perfectly flat; water, Ice or glass, the reflections of objects are pristine, appearing to have little weight.

The images in this work are taken from a vast archive of objects combined with digital photography. Some objects are found in every-day life, yet it is their implied scale, the way they are composed, their Juxtaposition with a multiplicity of forms, that makes a new believable reality.

In making Crystal theatre, total immersion in this emerging world was an essential part of the process. There are references to past lives, old values, now preserved in a timeless landscape. Where there once was a mechanism for recognizing time, there is now a reference to a face symbolic of day and the sun of another solar system. The landscape is bathed in a surrealist, universal luminosity.

The figures are androgynous clones; two appear as one in a unified persona. Their presence places you within their environment. The third figure, encapsulated within an astronomical sphere, symbolises an eternal sleep, life held in suspension. Planetary forms appear to transform their scale to make a new dimension; recognisable objects by comparison, take on a vast scale.

Crystal Theatre makes the statement that science-fiction is science-fact. Anything you can imagine has an existence somewhere in the endlessness of the cosmos. The work is in part inspired the remote viewing carried out by Sunstreak in the United States.

Crystal Theatre (80cm wide by 108.6cm high) is an archival limited edition print made with lightfast pigment inks on 305gsm acid free etching paper. Your print will be signed and editioned by the artist and design permitting, will be emboss-stamped by Lantern Studios. Post is free of charge.

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