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It was the beginning of a photographic assignment to Prague and I wanted to document every aspect of the journey.

As you are about to be thrust with notable surges of power towards flight speed you focus on the mechanism that will be your sky home; the locks, grips and seals that will separate you from the icy rushing clouds outside.

This is your last glimpse of Earth, a vast tarmac sprawl punctuated by patterns of lights. Outside the semaphore of Batman directs this metallic edifice to manoeuvre from the parking lot. Backed by the juxtaposition of three hundred close relatives their combined ant-like anatomy soon to be thrust in a chattering barley sugar party down the relentless launch pad.

An Angel of the skies armed with a privileged telephone, whispers sacred words to ignite the casual white-shirted captain. Just for a moment she will rescue your soul. Quite instantly the suburban sprawl gives way to a lush green as the shadow of a plane ripples over subtle surfaces, a perfect model through the dipping windows.

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