Curiosity - Satyrical figure

Curiosity - Satyrical figure

Medium:Pen on Paper

Curiosity - Satirical Figure


I have thousands of drawings in storage and one section comprises
satirical drawings, pages of ideas, concepts and some highly finished
compositions involving several characters.
Writing the story or script is as exciting as working on the drawings.
Although I take liberties with language and break rules to find new ways
of surprising the senses, the underlying framework has a formal structure.

Although this figure is exaggerated, it follows the principals of human
anatomy with bones, muscles, tendons appearing where you would expect
them within the extreme language.
Like a puppeteer you become the character you are drawing and it is
helpful to physically act out the state of mind of the person you draw.
Andrew Wyeth took this a stage further and would sometimes wear the
clothes of the subject in order to get under the skin of the person he
was portraying.

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