OFFWORLD TOWER - 690  27/11/11

OFFWORLD TOWER - 690 27/11/11

Medium:Pen and acrylic on paper


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Those of you who have followed the references and text on the
links page and read 'Awakening' in 'Writing' (Gallery) on this site
will I hope, have realised that all the bodies in our solar system
that can be occupied, have been occupied.
I can disclose considerable detail about the cities, mines,
waterways, airports, transport tubes, domes, entrances to the
underworld civilizations and towers, on the Moon and on Mars.

It is a shame that many are still sceptical, have extreme opinions
but are reluctant to do serious research. To an extent this is
understandable as a great attempt has been made to keep the
facts of life beyond our planet completely secret while issuing
dire threats to anyone who reveals the truth.

Once that threshold of understanding has been passed, it is but
a short step to realizing that the Earth is occupied by many races
other than the chromosome-separated human races, and that
information about 'Inner Earth' should be taken seriously.
There are huge entrances at both the North and South poles.
The gravity change is at the centre of the Earth's crust, there is
an internal sun and an atmosphere. Other planets also have a
central space and sunlight can be seen shining out at the poles.

Although Nasa airbrushes out signs of civilisation 'off planet'.
The structures can still be seen and back engineered using
Photoshop. Much has been missed through bad workmanship
and Hale Crater on Mars is a good example as you will see
vast structures with buttresses, multiple roofs, arched windows,
bridges, roadways and incredibly high towers.
One such tower on the Moon is known as 'The Shard', another
seems to be made of glass and just hangs in space with no
visible support. Since the moon is a billion years older than the
Earth, it is possible to conceive that ancient civilisations existed
before our planet formed from the Sun's accretion disk.

It has been established that the Earth has and is expanding, that
our continents were joined as one solid mass. Also that the shape
of each continent has not altered from the beginning.
This alone has ramifications for our theories about the growth of
the universe.

It is my current view that the Moon was brought to its present
position as part of our solar eco system. The motors used to drive
the body remain on the surface, there are signs of manufacture
on the surface in the form of parallel strips. The moon is also
hollow and is highly likely to be a base for off world species.

The drawing above is a natural and compulsive manifestation
of my long enduring search for the truth about our origin and
the part played by other species, some humanoid, some not.

I have a great love of the exploration of life in all its forms and
the further I travel into this great adventure of adventures, the
less colonial I become about our importance in the universe.
I believe that we have a great spiritual capacity and are capable
of transformation to the coming fourth density. This incredible
capacity through our right brain, to a greater humanity and
freedom, is the very element that is a threat to those who would
control us, even cull us, it is our propensity to awaken.

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