Medium:Pen on paper


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Our growing consciousness is connecting us

with our true origin.

There are ancient structures on Earth that are older than the Bible would have you believe, you have been mightily deceived. Why would ancient civilisations want to hide from us that we were genetically modified, that like everything else, we were brought
here from elsewhere.

Were we Homo sapiens, Homo erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, thousands upon thousands of years ago? We were all of those and many more, the result of genetic experiments carried out for not thousands of years, but millions of years. We are part of a vast cosmic paint palette, anthropomorphic material that has been manipulated by advanced races just as we are manipulating species right now, including ourselves to create a new super-race and alarmingly by combining the genetics of animals with those of our races, yet the Anunnaki may well have combined the genetics of Lions to give us agression, strength, protective hair growth and to accentuate gender.

We are not the most advanced race in our solar system or on the Earth, which kept unknown through secrecy, we share with many other species that you won't find in the Natural History books. We are also not a definitive version of ourselves as we are going through an acceleration in genetic change right now. We are moving through space at great speed not in a circular orbit, but in a continually variable spiral, we are part of all
matter, all dimensions and are not linear.

When I contemplate the ancient structures on Earth, I realised that we had been watched, monitored from a distance, as well as from beneath the Earth itself from beneath the sea, and by inter-dimensional species. Are these interdimensional species (trapped in the fourth density) that we evoked through ceremonies? These ceremonies are conducted by the remains of their bloodline and their earthly agents, most of whom are a part of the ruling classes still, around the world.

Our Moon has either been captured into orbit of has been placed there as a convenient base and observation platform even as a soul catcher. Our shared solar system is certainly manipulated and the finely balanced eco system that we depend on is not their by chance.

We must keep cool and simply collect evidence without allowing religious doctrine to do what it has done for thousands of years, to deceive us and distort the truth, and give us part truth carefully modified to perpetuate the 'Division of tongues' amongst we the humanoid multi-race. The moon is a billion years older than the Earth and the dust is even older.

There are structures on the Moon and on Mars that are as old or older than those here on Earth. Great towers that are a mile high, some seem suspended in space as if floating or hung from some invisible space anchor. Some structures on Mars seem to have been
made in the manor of gigantic ants nests with no discernable roadways, buildings that stand like charged iron filings, sprawled throughout valleys and crater floors even continuing beneath glass domes.

Are these the towers of 'The Watchers', or part of a mining system? The footprint of ancient off-planet civilisations, far older than our own. It is not unlikely that the Anunnaki who modified us and who were recorded in detail by the Sumerians, are now returning via the Star-Gate in the Gulf of Aden, the very area where they previously arrived in Southern Iraq near the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers in an area known as Eden.



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